In the Mid Sweden region there are a large number of companies, public authorities and associations who work in the safety and rescue field. By utilizing the experience and the unique knowledge that exists here the region has a great possibility to become an international centre for safety and rescue issues.
The network development is open for everyone that works within this field, and has a genuine interest to become involved creating new business ventures.
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The Safety and Rescue Region actors
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Räddningsgymnasiet. www.ragy.se
The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. www.msb.se
Folke Bernadotteakademin. www.folkebernadotteacademy.se
HELP & RESCUE AB. www.helprescue.se
ÅF-Infrastruktur AB. www.afconsult.com
Järven Health Care. www.jarven.se
Mid Sweden University
Risk and Crisis Research Center. www.miun.se/rcrcenter
SEDAB AB. www.sedab.se
Vårsta Diakonigård. www.varsta.se
Wildland AB. www.wildland.se
Sensible Solutions. www.sensiblesolutions.se
Solljus AB. www.solljus.se
Thoreb ITvehicle AB. www.titv.se
J-International. www.j-international.se
Lunde Risk Reduction. www.risk-reduktion.com
Car Events. www.carevents.se
PCA Consult & Marketing. www.pcaconsult.se
Sjöräddningssällskapet. www.ssrs.se
Sjöbloms Sjukvårdsprodukter AB. www.sjobloms.com
Pexcon AB. www.pexcon.se
Journalist Urban Hamid. www.urbanhamid.com
Goniolabs. www.trixon.se/goniolab
Globea AB. www.globea.se
Flexiwaggon AB. www.flexiwaggon.se
Greenempowerment. www.greenempowerment.se
Emericc Emergency Management
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